ok i no longer update this blog ~ (~^o^~)'' which y i better reopen it lol

Monday, July 5, 2010

well feel free download the stuff i been list out at here till is dead ? lolz
i notice some yuri blogspot *

* The blog you were looking for was not found. *

umm i guess either the owner delete the blog or got deleted by blogger ? @.@" oh well i not going delete this blog i just leave it till finally dead lol

AND pay attention what i written here ~ 

some tips where i usually go search for more yuri manga/doujinshi/hentai ~ x3

anyone know about 4chan board /u/? check it out lots of yuri information can be found at there!
and if u looking for download more yuri! u definitely had to click on rs! here's the link for yuri rs

and about the yuri hentai *read online*
u can go to E-Hentai Galleries AND BEFORE U PROCEED click on 
U BEEN WARN COZ LOTS of hentai on that site!! SERIOUSLY ... is not for pure yuri fans, unless u don't mind looking on hentai for more yuri manga like i used to be........ good luck on searching ...  lol
*now u know why i need wash my eye and brain each time i search yuri doujinshi at hentai site lol *
definitely NOT easy to search xDD

oh and make sure u check the link i been listed out at right panel ~
*Yuri Group Scanlations Site* *The Latest Update From Yuri Site*
saw them right ? @.@? got more site actually XD i going list out more! umm soon.. but not at here lol
will be at YuriMangaRulesBlogspot xD

ok ahem** let's continue
those are main site u should looking for more *daily yuri manga* ^___^"
well if they got release new release
and little reminder .. they all are super busy and still release yuri manga without GETTING PAID
SO SHOW Your Respect don't u dare whining so slow release OR try rush them release more! 
they doing this without PROFIT! 
just wait patiently AND BE GRATEFUL ! am i clear ? xP

oh and those site ARE mostly for Download!
ONLY Dynasty-Scan and Maki Maki Scanlations got Online Reader on it! ^^
And talk about Dynasty-Scan !!! You All Should go there from now on!!!
forget about mangafox!!! xD
Dynasty-Scan reader been UPDATED since hmm i think 1-2 month? xD
they started uploading other group scans on they reader as well!! woo hoo !
good news to ppl who only can read online (=^o^=) check them out ! here's the link

and again i retype at here as i DID list it out at *about my noob blog * ..
n obviously to ppl who whining / complain BEFORE i make this blog private
doesn't READ before start post comment at my noob blog which why i fedup =P
*not my fault u choose not to read before start asking*

**The Download/Gallery link hosted at
yuridoujinshi blogspot
I TAKE NO CREDIT for the creation or editing.
I Only sharing those in this site as a fanservice. **

YUP FANSERVICE! meaning don't care if the blog dead in future~ i just hope my information
at here are Enough to help you all to know about *they ALOTS yuri manga out there*
just... the problem is not easy to search! SPECIALLY Yuri Hentai!! x3
ok that's all my last words at this noob blog lol

FAREWELL everyone! n farewell to this noob blog i not going coming back here XD
oh but u can find me at youtube if u want haha till then bye bye!! ^.^


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