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Monday, October 5, 2009

The Conditions For Paradise (Rakuen no Jouken)
by Morishima Akiko - 1 volume (mostly one-shots)
Group Scanlating - Lililicious

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"The Conditions For Paradise" is about two adult women[SarinaXSumi] figuring out the boundaries in their relationship--is too much freedom a bad thing?

The prequel, "Beyond the Stars," is about how Sarina and Sumi first became more than friends.

The sequel, "Bathed in Sunlight Filtering Through The Trees,"
is about their trip to Malta.[SarinaXSumi]

(The other stories in the collection are about different characters.)

In "Peach Taste," a girl struggles to convince the object of her affections to take her seriously. Morishima also did a very short sequel to "Peach Taste." It can be found here.

"We're Aiming For Love Now" is about two women who love each other just as they are.

Download Link From Lililicious:
Rakuen no Jouken

For people who only want read online! Check below link!

Read Online At Mangafox :
The Conditions For Paradise
Beyond the stars
Bathed in sunlight filtering through the trees
Peach Taste
We're Aiming For Love Now - I can't find it at mangafox - maybe nobody.. upload ..yet ?

I will update it later at once! if.. someone upload it ^^;


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