[Visionnerz] Maiden Illusionary Funeral Before and After

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Title : Maiden Illusionary Funeral Before And After
MangKa : Visionnerz
Genres: Shoujoai,Supernatural,Comedy,
Source : cgrascal - another hentai site, 99% are straight stuff
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Among these doujinshi, the mangaka Visionnerz has made something really unique, with little hentai contents, sometimes breatakingly pure, sometimes very hard, I was fascinated, the story are beautiful even though at
the end abit sad, still thanks to cgrascal who did a splendid job for translate non-hentai stuff and few yuri doujin, all credit to cgrascal!

Summary: Maiden Illusionary Funeral Before and After
Pretty much, this doujin is centered on the idea on how Yukari and Yuyuko met and eventually become friends. The story continues into Yuyuko’s death and the story leading up to Perfect Cherry Blossom. Also note, Yukari isn’t like she is portrayed in the games in most of this doujin.

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Here some little information :  this file have 200 pages + +
which why the pages are too many, i need divide it to 3 part
(i only can upload 100 pages max the rest will ignore)  ...
i guess i need find a better free image hosting site soon lol

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Gallery 3

Maiden Illusinoary Funeral Before and After Dance of the Kitsune
A short Ran and Chen-centered doujin. Chen witnessed Ran practicing her dance in the forest and marveled at the beauty of her mistress, only for Ran to mentioned that Yukari’s dance is more beautiful than Ran’s.

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p.s Only 12 pages so i didn't upload it at imagebam :3

Visionnerz Oni Miko
Reimu wants some fucking offering and you gonna give it to her and her shrine, at the cost of your life! Yes, this took the whole Reimu being a poor shrine maiden, who gets no offering to another level. She goes nuts and “oni”, after hearing tales of shrines from the other world that are doing better than hers from Yukari. Thanks, Yukari. You’ve brought hell to Gensokyo from your stories.

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Visionnerz Oni Miko and the Scarlet Weather Rhapsody
Reimu’s rage has awakened yet again. This time, this takes place during Scarlet Weather Rhapsody.

Conclusion about oni miko? Hillarious if you ask me lol...

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ok! that's all of it touhou by Visionnerz which done translated! Enjoy!!


Nicole February 26, 2010 at 9:06 PM  

Are these all manga in different storylines ma.?

Sam March 10, 2010 at 11:51 PM  

um .. if i'm not mistaken .. is related story de ^^:

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