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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

MangaKa: Kazuma Kowo
Genre:Drama,School Life,Yuri
Status Ongoing


A student-teacher romance.

Chapter 1: Summer Window Syndrome
- We get a dose of the school doctor's perspective. Why doesn't Nanao want Matsumoto to call her by her first name?

Chapter 2: On My Tiptoes in October
- Nanao sees a different side of Matsumoto.

Chapter 3: First Love Canon
- Another teacher gives Matsumoto and Nanao some advice.(Note: In this case,
"canon" is a musical term; perhaps the simplest kind is a round, like
"Row, Row, Row Your Boat.")

Chapter 4+5) Liars' Engagement Part A + B
In the first half of "Liars' Engagement," Nanao and Matsumoto disagree over Nanao's plans for her future. In the second half, Nanao confronts Matsumoto.

Chapter 7: Chatting in Our Pajamas
- In "Chatting in our Pajamas," Kiyo is in love with her friend Nanao, but knows that Nanao is already with someone else.

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